Fair Oaks Carport

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A recent collaboration with Jeff King and Company resulted in a beautiful and functional outdoor space. The steep grade on this block of Fair Oaks required tall retaining walls on the uphill side but allowed for a wood-framed patio even with the upper floor of the main house accented by steel railings, stairs, and suspended walkway with glass.

Container Installation

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A very challenging project that we’ve been working on for the last few months in collaboration with Envelope A+D and CFM Inc. was erected on Monday. Shipping containers are extremely strong structures in their unmodified state and can even receive a number of modifications without compromising their structural integrity for non-shipping use, but this particular project not only required removal of large portions of the container walls, floors, and roofs, but also the middle container was proposed to be offset from the upper and lower containers. Extensive modifications were needed and the crew at CFM did an amazing job with implementing the structural design.



AIA San Francisco Home Tour 2012

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Our project with the cantilevered master bath will be featured on this year’s AIA SF’s Home Tour. The house is listed as the Bernal Tower by Blue Truck Studio.